Fairly easily identified by his trademark cat ears and multi-colored contacts, Brandon Emerson is the photographic talent behind FantasyPhotographs. No.... the pretentious third person simply won't fit my bio. I've been photographing for somewhere near 20 years now. At the young age of 5, my parents put their rangefinder in my hand and I was instantly hooked. Since then, I've shot on many formats including but not limited to 35mm, medium format, digital, video, and I've even done some compositions with exposures using a pinhole camera. Currently my format of choice is digital. I have become enamored with my ability to review photos as I take them and ensure proper composition and bracketing while on location rather than commiting to film then hoping for the best after processing. With my newer 12.8 megapixel equipment I have been able to rival the printed output of the highest end 35mm film.


My formal training began in high school with Mr Macke, perhaps one of the most influential figures in my photographic training. He was the first to teach about the zone system, but for him not everything was technical. He had an ability to wring every bit of creativity out of me possible, and because I was pushed to achieve all that I could, not only did my work improve, but my satisfaction with my work shot up as well. When the work handed to me is trite and boring, my mind stagnates, however, when I am given an assignment that challenges me, and not just by seeing if I can finish it in the alotted amount of time, I put everything into it I can.

My formal studies continued at Ohio State University, Glendale Community College, and Arizona State University. In photography, while you may cease to absorb further technical details, you never stop learning about yourself, and therefore every day is an opportunity for the discovery of another creation.