Stagnation - 12/17/2006

It would seem I am again finding myself again appologizing for the stagnation of material or news on the site. For being somebody who is focusing on making photography a full time career, I have been spending a lot less time on making myself visible in that world than I should. The need to pay bills and be a prodcutive member of society has led me to focus strongly on my day job and other sources of side-income. As a positive effect however, I've been able to afford new equipment and there are interesting things to come!

New Equipment and new photos - 08/02/2006

While working a rave a little while back, somebody decided they'd make a better owner of my EOS 20D than I would. I dropped most of what I had saved on a new 12.8 megapixel 5D and 24-70 f/2.8L lens. The output from this new beast is nothing short of stunning. It's been way too long since I've done any updating and I've pledged to myself not to let that happen again. I've been doing a lot of contract work for lately, and one of the niftiest girls I've shot for them is Jamie who is among the new photos I've uploaded. Also among the new photos is Ty a good buddy of mine since the Arizona Beach Club days. New photos coming soon, I've done plenty, just havent had time to get them up here.

News Loss / New Partnership - 10/16/2005

During a server migration, a bit of the news update was lost. The big piece of information that was lost was about my recent partnership with providing photos for the events DynastyGroup promotes. If you've recieved a FantasyPhotographs business card from me at one of these events, then the photos are most likely already in the image gallery. If I've offered photographic services at any kind of discount, feel free to email me and we'll make arrangements.

Finally some changes - 06/16/2005

With the amount of work that was piling up at 2WIRE, much of the site had stagnated, but there's been some big changes in my photographic life. I got a new camera (canon 20D), built a studio lit by equipment from (more info soon), and I've been producing some compelling content lately. There's some new photos up of Candi, Stevie, and Ash in the photos area. I was recently brought on to do photography for Rage in the Cage and there will be some of my photos up from that event soon as well. I'm working on a possible overhaul to the site and revision of the photo display system to make things a little more robust. If you have any suggestions please email me.

Fetish Party - 10/07/2004

I'll be vending glow goodies and taking photos (including on site prints) at the fetish party at the ice house saturday night. Feel free to come out and say hey!

Calling all stunt riders - 10/07/2004

I started working for a new company and also started school, so working full time PLUS overtime and doing full time school has left me with very little time to work on any of my sites. I'll have some new photos up here soon. I've started photographing for a few motorcycle stunt crews and I'll have some of their photos up soon as well. IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF A PHOENIX BASED STUNT CREW please email me. I'm offering a limited number of FREE photo sessions with local stunt crews including prints to help expand some of my portfolio.

Photos section online - 12/04/2003

I've been killer busy with working for some of the websites I do contract photography for, and as such my work here slowed down a little bit. The photos in the girls part of the photo gallery are all viewable and the rest will be within a day or so. I've had a large number of my photos requisitioned for use on and I'm currently doing all the still photography for so yeah, the contract jobs are finally rolling in again!

Photos section online - 10/27/2003
Photo sections have been updated to reflect image galleries that are coming. The links to the galleries are in place, and the people that will be represented in the first iterations of those galleries are present. As images to populate the galleries are chosen, the individual image galleries will become available. Our club review photos can now be seen at and all galleries are active. As well, a new partnership has been birthed with, and details will follow as they develop. v1.0 goes live! - 09/07/2003
After spending a long time in development, the website has finally gone live. The site will feature regularly updated galleries of some of the photos I feel are worthy of display, information about and if relevant, links to projects I am currently involved with. Please have patience with me as I populate the image collections, I have a LOT of images to go through. Occasionaly there will be special offers through the website as well, such as limited edition prints, discounts on photo services etc. Please direct any questions and/or comments to