Current Projects:

Club Photography:

FantasyPhotographs is heavily involved in the photography for and has myself as a photographer at many of the events hosted by equally many of the clubs/bars in the Phoenix metropolitan area. In addition to providing chief photographic talent, FantasyPhotographs also provides management of the image gallery used to display their archive. If you are a club owner or promoter and would like to have one of our photographers present at your event, please contact or call for more information. In addition to our photo endeavors, we plan on spinning off a review/reccomendation guide to provide a sort of guide to Phoenix nightlife. Our photos can be seen at



Rocky Horror Picture Show has a long history in the valley, and though the movie itself is a ways past its 25th birthday, it continues to march on through generation after generation. Currently Brandon provides chief photography as well as web-programming and site administration for the official website of Broadway Bound and Gagged. Images in the cast gallery are not filtered for content, and as such should not be considered representative of our finest work.


Nudity Out of Context:

Nudity comes with many preconceptions, one of the foremost of which is that nudity is something that occurs almost exclusively in a private setting. The primary focuse of this project is reaction. Most responses to these photos are a series of giggles or a "how did you not get caught?" The photos nearly always generate a positive response and that is the art form. The creation lies not in the photo itself, but rather the reaction it creates, which is almost invariably a smile.